Maximizing Your Catch: The Essential Guide to Using Coriander Flour in Fishing Groundbait for Attracting Panfish

Coriander - Credit Forest & Kim Starr on Wikimedia Commons -

Coriander seeds, actually the fruits of this plant, ground into flour release a powerful aroma that irresistibly attracts panfish, especially roach.

It is also an aromatic herb that aids digestion, making it a valuable ingredient in creating non-filling baits for fishing.

Coriander - Credit Sanjay Acharya on Wikimedia Commons
Coriander – Credit Sanjay Acharya on Wikimedia Commons

Coriander Flour for Groundbait: Preparation and Benefits for Fishing

Coriander in Fishing Groundbait

Coriander, also known as fresh coriander or cilantro, is a popular spice used in various cuisines worldwide. The seeds of this plant, highly prized for their strong and captivating aroma, can be ground to produce a fine flour emitting a potent scent.

Beyond its culinary applications, coriander also finds use in the food industry and aromatherapy as an essential oil. Its digestive properties render it a valuable medicinal plant.

In the realm of coarse fishing, coriander can be incorporated into groundbait to introduce an enticing scent that lures fish. Its easy availability and affordability make it a popular choice among anglers seeking effective baits. By using coriander flour in their groundbait mix, anglers can enhance their chances of catching fish, particularly panfish and roach.

How to Prepare Coriander for Groundbait?

For groundbait preparation, coriander is used in flour form, obtained by grinding the fruits of the plant. Although it’s available as pre-ground flour, grinding dried coriander fruits just before use is preferable to preserve the aroma for as long as possible.

Characteristics of Coriander

The characteristics of coriander include:

  • Colour: Pale yellow
  • Granularity: Very fine
  • Binding Power: Low
  • Aromatic Strength: Extremely strong
  • Dispersion Power: High
  • Filling Power: Low
  • Clouding Power: Low
  • Targeted Fish: Primarily Roach, to a lesser extent, Bream

Using Coriander in Fishing Groundbait

Coriander flour, with its extremely strong aromatic power, should be limited to a maximum of 10% in your groundbait preparation. This flour aids digestion and keeps the groundbait non-filling.

A useful tip is to combine coriander with fennel in equal parts, as fennel is another herb that roach particularly adore. Incorporating coriander into your groundbait mix will attract a wide range of panfish, predominantly Roach and Bream.

Ultimately, coriander should be used in warm or hot water conditions and is not recommended during the winter season.

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